Season 2 Episode 3 of “Stay Regular” on

Chef Jehangir Mehta tells Birch Coffee co-owner Paul about how he became a contestant on Food Network’s The Next Iron Chef, how to help children eat healthier foods, and how his restaurant, Graffiti, can offer a truly one of a kind meal experience for you. Jehangir starts it off with what a shock it was coming to New York City from India, and not in the way you would think.

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Stay Regular Episode 7: “Chinatown Meatball Subs” on

Catch up with Birch Coffee Owner, Jeremy Lyman and Celebrity Chef & Food Network Personality, Danushka Lysek on Episode 7 of “Stay Regular,” “Chinatown Meatball Sub.” Danushka shares why New York is special and her experiences for cooking for celebrities such as The Rock as well as her time on the Food Network.

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