Stay Regular Episode 4: “The Reverse Commute” on

This Episode, Birch Coffee sits down with Stacy Spikes, co-founder of MoviePass! Stacey Spikes shares his reverse commute from the music industry in Houston, Texas to the film industry in NYC. He also shares the inspiring story of his career path and how he created his own company, MoviePass, after losing his job and facing the shuffle of changing job markets.

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Stay Regular Episode 3: “Yes, New York is the Place” on

Episode 3 of “Stay Regular” features Steph Small, Aussie musician. She talks about her music and how living in NYC has shaped her career. She also shares her optimistic view on life and how she believes there is light around every dark corner. Watch this and the rest of Season 1 of “Stay Regular!”

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“Stay Regular” premieres on

The first episode of “Stay Regular,” our collaboration with Birch Coffee that puts a spotlight on the shop’s most valued aspect – their regulars – premiered today on the Birch website.

This first installation features Peyton Jenkins whose custom menswear company Alton Lane was conceived over a cup of coffee at Birch before he had an office space.

Birch Coffee is a small New-York based chain with a commitment to sustainable practices, a passion for coffee and some good vibes. Their shops focus on having a community-feel with familiar faces and warm places where regulars are recognized as more than clients.

More to come…

Critics praise “Piranha Sharks”


piranha sharks

The reviews are rolling out for “Piranha Sharks,” following its release to Vimeo’s new video-on-demand platform in mid-August. The sci-fi comedy about bio-engineered micro-sized sharks wreaking havoc on New York City was co-produced by SightSense Creative Director Benjamin Kanes and directed by former Asylum director Leigh Scott.

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“A well-made, competently acted and crisply edited film….great acting and back and forth exchange of zippy and hilarious dialogue.”

Ruthless Reviews

“When I said the character development was impressive, that was me being skimpy with the adjectives. It might feel like a slow build, but its worth it – these players aren’t your standard one-dimensional dumb blondes and jackass jocks, we’ve got real depth and genuine emotion…. Some GREAT one liner’s, brilliant conversation and generally genius rapport.”

Horribly Hooched

“They take more time developing their characters than Asylum, especially the characters we have of the exterminators here…. They had enough depth for you to care about them. ”

Mark Krawczyk of The Final Cut

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Official Selection for the Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival


Community Starts at Home,” a short documentary produced for AmeriCorps about their current Rebuilding Together efforts in Philadelphia, was selected to play at the Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival as one of their official 2014 selections.

With the help of AmeriCorps volunteers, low-income homeowners see even the smallest improvements as life changing occurrences for their daily lives. Adding a playground to a neighborhood, supplying new appliances, and fixing a leaking roof are all physical fixes. However, the labors of love overflow to open conversations and unite neighbors in otherwise closed off communities. The film dives into the heart of these volunteers and draws on the experiences of the locals in the “City of Brotherly Love.” The economy may have rusted out beneath these residents but their souls have stayed strong.

“Community Starts at Home” is the first in a series following the Rebuilding Together work. Soon to follow will be renovations and volunteer work done in Pittsburgh.

SightSense Productions is proud to be able to put the work of AmeriCorps on display in one of the many cities where their impact is greatly felt. The film was featured during the festival’s “Made in Pennsylvania” section. The fourth annual festival was held in June at the Father Ryan Arts Center’s Baverso Theater.