“Assumption of Risk” plays at NYC Winter Film Awards Film Festival



“Assumption of Risk,” the film co-produced by Benjamin Kanes, will be featured at the Winter Film Awards Independent Film Festival in NYC on February 28th! The film has received nominations for Best Director and Best Picture.

If you’re in NYC for the weekend, stop by the Blue Diamond Theater 777  come see this fantastic film and support other independent film makers!

Benjamin Kanes Appears in Full Birdman Regalia

Ben Kanes VF

Benjamin Kanes in full Birdman reglalia.

Birdman,  the critically acclaimed film directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu, has been described by many, including Patton Oswalt, as “transcendent & crucial” in a release met with praise for its acting, directing, and visual effects along with a successful awards season run.

Benjamin Kanes appears in the film as young Michael Keaton‘s, The Birdman. Of the role, Benjamin has said that it was the most challenging acting experience of his life and that he could not be more proud to have worked with such a stellar cast and talented director.

Birdman‘s accolades include: Golden Globe Winner: Michael Keaton – Best Actor; Screen Actors Guild Award Winner: Best Ensemble; Directors Guild Awards: Alejandro G. Iñárritu – Best Director;  Academy Award Winner:Best Picture; Academy Award Winner: Best Director – Alejandro G. Iñárritu; Academy Award Winner: Best Cinematography – Emmanuel Lubezki; Film Independent Spirit Award Winner: Best Picture

Congratulations to the entire cast of Birdman and congratulations Benjamin!

Stay Regular Season One Finale! Episode 11: “Scholars Maintain…” on BirchCoffee.com

In the Season 1 Finale, Birch Coffee co-owner Jeremy Lyman sits down with Oliver Kramer, owner of Dos Toros taco and burrito restaurant in NYC. Oliver shares his passion for all things burrito and how a review about Dos Toros in the New York Times changed his life literally overnight and tripled business.

Oliver also shares what scholars maintain about the origin of the burrito and his love for wrapping burritos & rapping about them with freestyle songs such as “Guac It Out” and “Black or Pinto.”

Thanks to all our guests and fantastic friends at Birch Coffee for a successful Season 1! Keep an eye out for the Season 2 Premiere on March 16th!

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Assumption of Risk Nominated for 4 Awards at Film Festival Debut

Assumption of Riskco-produced by Benjamin Kanes, has been nominated for 4 awards after its debut at the Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival!

The nominations are:

Best Feature FilmTBUFF-2014-feature-film-nominee-w-o-b-300x200
Best Feature Director : Mark Kochanowicz
Best Screenplay
Best Supporting Actor : Frankie Faison